Riding Instruction

No need to haul your horse - I will come to you!  Private, semi-private, and group lessons are available.  Longe lessons, excellent for developing the rider’s seat, are one of my specialties!  I teach general horsemanship in any type of saddle, plus advanced skills in dressage, huntseat, and jumping.

I believe in well-planned lessons that are fun and challenging, and that build a foundation for future success.  You will notice progress over time!  

I am serious about instruction. In fact, I've written a book on it!  Beyond the short-term goal of getting you to come back for your next lesson, I want to assist you in becoming an independent rider.  I believe in the expression “a good teacher makes herself obsolete.”  I enjoy watching my riders succeed, whether at training your own horse, or in competition, or whatever your personal goals might be.  I love coaching at shows, and hearing spectators say of my students “Wow, she’s good!”

In order to demonstrate my commitment to instruction, I have pursued and achieved certification through the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA), and am currently working towards a Master of Education degree.  I’ve written articles for several publications, some of which are available to you at this site, on the page entitled “articles”.  

As you can see, my riders are receiving instruction from a dedicated instructor, who not only knows riding, but knows instruction, and is committed to the development of her own as well as their skills.  I hope you will choose to join them!

Comments from anonymous course-evaluation forms:

... wonderful job of covering all aspects of English riding.

...well-organized... challenging... confidence-building...

I appreciated that she did not think of you as a student only during those two hours a week of class, but instead offered feedback as well as contemplated your frustrations in and out of class.

Amanda took time to help each of us through our difficulties.

I liked all the exercises we did.

Amanda was very clear in what she was saying, and very willing to listen to what you are saying you feel.

Amanda is a great teacher!  The exercises we do are fun and interesting.  I like how she can adapt and change the way she is teaching if it is not working for the student.

Amanda is great!  She helped me build my confidence over fences and was very easy to talk to and understand.  This was the most fun I ever had in a riding class.

Amanda was very helpful.  I learned so much from taking this class.  Not only did my riding improve but I have a better understanding of how to work with horses.  For every one of my questions not only did she thoroughly explain the answer, but many times physically demonstrated or gave relevant examples.  I would definitely take this class again!

She is awesome!  She doesn't yell and she explains things so we understand them.

Amanda was able to help you to reach your individual goal and she also seemed to understand you as a person and rider.

I really liked Amanda as a teacher.

I liked that we went through the theory part and then applied it.
Un-riding Lessons

Do you want to learn more about caring for your tack, analyzing conformation, course design, clipping and trimming, preparing for competition, longeing, loading, first-aid, or groundwork?  You can take an un-riding lesson in any of the above, or many other topics.  Use your imagination!  Arrange a class for your 4-H group, girl scouts, friends, or yourself.  Cost will vary based on the topic and number of participants.
Beginning Riders

New riders have a unique opportunity to choose an instructor who will not only develop their skills but also help them to avoid bad habits.  Many a rider has spent years “undoing” old habits that could have been avoided by choosing a more qualified instructor for these first, formative, riding lessons.  Many instructors are experienced riders who assume that they can teach riding because they can ride.  Teaching is a completely separate skill set and must be worked on just as diligently.  Choose a teacher who knows teaching!  Once you know the basics you will be able to easily transition to any discipline you choose.
Advanced Riders

Experienced riders require more from their instructors: more experience, more knowledge, more ability to explain, more theory, more variety; more than many instructors can offer.  I have many strategies and resources to provide what you need, but I promise that when you are ready for more than I can provide, I will help you find someone with “more” than I!
Longe Lessons

Longe lessons are the best way to develop a rider's seat.  Period.  All students who ride my horses can expect to spend time on the longe line.  If your lessons are on your own horse, I strongly recommend that you take a lesson on longeing technique with your horse, so the you can help him to develop the skills that he will need for you to ride him in a longe lesson.  If you've never tried it, it may not sound very exciting, but you will be excited about the improvement in your riding!

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A typical beginner rider after only 5 lessons.
Clinics are available on a limited basis.  Clinics can be based on a theme, or they can just be a collection of riding lessons taking place at a single facility over the course of one or several days.  Any ability level is welcome!  Pricing is individualized, and special consideration is given to youth organizations.  
Some suggested themes:
  • Improving your seat
  • Improving communication with your mount
  • Increasing engagement
  • The importance of bend and how to achieve it
  • Becoming a better instructor (about half of my regular students are instructors themselves)
  • Putting the training scale/training tree to work
  • Improviing lateral work
The recommended format begins with a  presentation about the theme, so that all participants have an understanding of the theory behind the ridden exercises that we will work on in the ridden sessions.   
Please call or e-mail for more information.