For safety sake, it is important for you to dress appropriately for your lessons.  
A helmet that meets current ASTM standards is an absolute requirement.  
Jewelry should be minimal or absent.
Proper footwear will not only protect your feet from errant hooves, but will minimize the possibility of getting your foot stuck in the stirrup.  Therefore, closed toes and a small heel are required.  Excessive tread, as on some hiking boots is a hazard.  Paddock boots or tall riding boots are ideal. 

 Here are some additional items that, while not required, will add to your comfort and effectiveness while riding.  
Breeches or chaps will protect your legs from chafing against bunched up fabric as they would with sweat pants or jeans.  
Half-chaps will protect your lower legs from the stirrup leathers if you don't have tall boots.  

If you would like advice or assistance in choosing any of the above items, or anything that will help you to more fully enjoy your horse, please don't hesitate to ask.  No question is too basic, and I am more than happy to share my experiences and opinions in regard to various products, manufacturers, or sources.  It's my job!


One hour private........................$50.
1/2 hour private..........................25.
One hour semi-private.................40.
One hour group............................30.

Six-lesson packages may be purchased in advance at a 15% discount.  
If you refer a new student who takes at least 5 lessons, you will                       receive a free lesson or training session.
Prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.

Training is $500 per month for full time training, i.e.  5 days per week, or $35 for occasional sessions.

Please pay at the time of service.  The more time I spend tracking down payment, the less time I have to develop fun and productive lesson plans for you.

Please be considerate and give me as much notice as possible of cancellations.  Full payment will be expected in the event that a cancellation is received less than 8 hours prior to your appointment.  

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