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I am now able to judge horse shows in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois in addition to Ohio.  Phew!  Here are some comments from show managers:

  • "Amanda provided interesting patterns"
  • "worked all classes methodically and gave exhibitors plenty of time to show their abilities with their horses"
  • "offered constructive criticism to help with their next classes"
  • "Very nice to work with"
  • "good with kids"
  • "knowledgeable"
  • "quick"
  • "Very professional"
  • "Very pleasant"
  • "Exhibitors appreciated the encouragement and constructive comments"
  • "Worked excellent with show committee"

I got a(nother) new saddle recently.  I am very impressed overall with Balance International.  http://www.balanceinternational.com/  Although I read repeatedly that a saddle must fit the horse while it is moving, and a saddle that fits the horse in the barn will not necessarily be one that he can work in, and although I worked with 3 professional, certified saddle fitters in person and several others long-distance, Balance International was the only organization to put that principal into practice.  Brak seems very comfortable in it, lets hope he remains so as he redevelops his back muscles.  To date two of my students have ridden in my saddle and both have been extremely surprised at how much more freely their horses moved, and how easy it was to achieve some of the movements they had previously struggled with.  I cannot stress enough how very important your horse's comfort is to maximizing his performance.  
My book, Training Tree for Riders,has been published by Alpine Publications! This has been a long time in the production, but the release coincides with the 100th anniversary of the original training tree, published by the German National Federation in 1912. The training tree for horses has become a staple among training barns in all disciplines since then. Riding instruction could use a similar tool for the development of riders, I think, and now they have it! Here's a link to my new website in which I describe the application of the classical training scale to all disciplines of riding: www.TrainingTree.net as well as some information about thenew book.