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Unfortunately, my library is not supported by your tax dollars!  Therefore, there will be a membership fee of $20 for the first year, and $10 for subsequent years (subject to change) OR DONATION OF A DESIRABLE BOOK OR VIDEO.  Money will go directly toward building the collection.  Patrons may check out up to 2 books or videos at a time.  Lost or damaged items must be paid for or replaced (please ask my preference) prior to checking out additional items.  Request items via e-mail and they will be delivered to your next lesson, or make arrangements to pick them up.
Currently on my wish-list are Dressage from A to X by Barbara Burkhardt; Dressage: The Art of Classical Riding by Sylvia Loch; and Practical Eventing, Revised Edition by Sally O'Connor.  Let me know what additions you would like to see!
The World of Horses Judith Campbell
The Noble Horse        Monique and Hans D. Dossenbach 
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds and Horse CareJudith Draper 
The Encyclopedia of the HorseElwyn Hartley Edwards
The Ultimate Horse BookElwyn Hartley Edwards 
Horse Care Facts       Equus Reference Guide
Horses, 2nd ed.J. Warren Evans
Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement       Susan E. Harris
The Complete Book of Horse Care   Tim Hawcroft
The Equine Athlete  Jo Hodges and Sarah Pilliner
The Better Horse      Jane Kidd
The Idiot’s Guide to Horses      Sarah Montague and P. J. Dempsey
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The Complete Book of Bits and Bitting Elwyn Hartley Edwards
Grooming to Win   Susan Harris
Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners     Captain M. Horace Hayes, FRCVS
Horsekeeping on Small Acreage  Cherry Hill
American Barns    Stanley Schuler
Practical Horseman’s Book of Horsekeeping        M. A. Stoneridge
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Riding (any style)
The Principles of Riding: The Complete Riding and Driving System, book 1       
 The official handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation.  
207 pp.  Want one-stop shopping?  This book and the next should answer just about
any question you have!
Advanced Techniques of Riding: The Complete Riding and Driving System, book 2        The official handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation.  
160 pp.  Covers dressage, jumping, and cross-country riding.
Riding Logic          William Museler
192 pp.  Another old book (1933), still very popular for its clarity.  Particularly good
sections on disobediences and how a rider can tell if a horse is truly relaxed and obedient.
Riding: The True Techniques         Lucy Rees
160 pp.  Offers a decent overview of many things, from flying changes to opening 
gates from your horse's back.  This could be handy if you are just wondering "how do 
they do that?"  If you actually want to do it, try a different book (or schedule a lesson)!
That Winning Feeling        Jane Savoie
Sports psychology for riders.  "Program your mind for peak performance".
Centered Riding  Sally Swift
198 pp.A classic!  Not your usual riding book, this one is full of visualizations 
and imaginative explanations of how things should feel.  Fun!
Ride with Your Mind Essentials      Mary Wanless
If you liked Centered Riding, I bet you'll like this, too.  I particularly like her 
explanation of "plugging in" and sitting the trot.
About Horsemanship           Xenephon
70 pp.  Originally written nearly 400 years B. C. and still relevant!
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Hunt Seat
Jumping: Learning and Teaching Jean Froissard
An older book (1971) but still relevant.  More technical than those below.
Hunter-Seat Equitation     George H. Morris
215 pp.  Quite simply the Bible of Huntseat riding.  A must-read.
The Handbook of Jumping Essentials  Francois LeMaire de Ruffieu
121 pp.  An very readable guide to starting horses and riders over fences.  Includes
many simple and useful exercises.
Winning: A Training Guide for Hunter Seat Riders    Anna Jane White-Mullen
207 pp.  I used this as a text when teaching Equitation at Lake Erie College.  An
excellent book, clearly written, with many specific exercises.  Check out Anna's new book 
and other projects at 
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Dressage for the New Age     Dominique Barbier
156 pp.  What to think while riding.  How to use your thoughts as an aid.  Gorgeous 
illustrations.  Based on the French style.
Exploring Dressage Technique    Paul Belasik
144 pp.  A look at a few of the more common problems that may occur in the training of
 upper level movements: piaffe, passage, pirouette.
Riding Towards the Light     Paul Belasik
127 pp.  Dressage is a journey and we each must blaze our own trail of understanding.  This
is an account of one man's journey.
The Songs of Horses     Paul Belasik
125 pp.  A series of short stories about dressage.
Classical Horsemanship for our TimeJean Froissard
130 pp.  
The Competitive Edge Revised   Max Gawyler
Not only explains how to ride competitively, and what the judges are lo0king for, but why.
Why the movements are important, why transitions get separate marks, etc.  Many specific 
suggestions for how to ride tricky movements or combinations.
The Competitive Edge II     Max Gawyler
Discusses what fundamentals must be in place before moving up to the medium levels,
 specific movements that will be required (where they came from, why we use them, how to
 ride them), and very specific comments on the actual tests.
The Competitive Edge III   Max Gawyler
Covers the science of riding: biomechanics, weight, balance, physics, and anatomy. 
 Includes the difference between the male and female pelvis and how this effects riders.
Advanced Techniques of Dressage        German National Equestrian Federation
The official handbook of country that leads the world in this discipline.
Ecole de Cavalerie      Francois Robichon de la Guerniere
125 pp.  Originally published in 1731, this book is the basis for the training of the Spanish
Riding School.  De la Guerniere is credited with the invention of the shoulder-in.
Dressage Formula      Erik Herberman
A book for ever rider.  Easy to read and understand, but not "dumbed-down".  Features
 pictures of average horses with conformation faults doing superb dressage.
The Ethics and Passions of Dressage   Charles de Kunffy
The author states, "this book is my most personal...   The rider's state of mind, emotions
 and character are all more important to horsemanship than are specific skills."
The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse    Charles de Kunffy
Subtitled "Manege patterns", this book describes how to use various arena patterns to
 "supple, strengthen and correct" the horse throughout his training.  
The Complete Training of Horse and Rider        Alois Podhajsky
A detailed description of training as it occurs at the famed Spanish Riding School of Vienna.
Another Horsemanship      Jean-Claude Racinet
125 pp.  A very clear explanation of the French style of riding based on the "second
method" of Francois Baucher.
The Gymnasium of the Horse      Gustav Steinbrecht
319 pp.  Steinbrecht was the originator of the classical German method of dressage 
training.  Originally published in 1885, this book is a "cornerstone of the equestrian
 literature, a work of truly remarkable coherence, comprehensiveness, and depth of
 understanding..." (from the Forward by William Steinkraus).  Want to know more about
 MY training methods?  This book puts it all into words far better than I could. 
Unfortunately, not the most engaging writing style.
Dressage in Harmony        Walter Zettl
Such an appropriate title for this book.  Zettl describes methods and techniques for 
training the horse from first introduction to work through advanced collection in a way
 that avoids all tension, and therefor all resistance in the horse.
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Schooling and Riding the Sport HorsePaul D. Cronin
285 pp.  A very thorough book on the training of Hunter/Jumpers.  Starting with
 training philosophy and selecting a prospect, it then provides a month-by-month
 guide to what the young horse may be expected to learn for the first approximately
 7 months of training.
Basic Training of the Young Horse       Reiner Klimke
144 pp.  You can't possibly go wrong following the advice of this modern master.
Tip: search at YouTube for a video of him on Ahlerich at Madison Square Gardens.
There are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders Mary Twelveponies
228 pp.  General horse psychology, plus lots of information specific to the problem
 you may be having, in the saddle or on the ground, with your horse.
Top Horse Training Methods Explored        Anne Wilson
144 pp.  An objective look at several different training methods, including classical, 
Pat Parelli, Monty Roberts, and GaWaNi Pony Boy.  
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Lungeing: The Complete Riding and Driving System, book 6        
       The official Handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation.    
79 pp.  An excellent book with sections also on double-longing and work-in-hand.  If it
 included info about longeing riders, it would have been my text book.
Longeing the Horse and Rider    Sheila Inderwick
94 pp.  I looked at a lot of books in the process of choosing a text book for my
Lake Erie College Longeing class.  This one is the best.  
Lungeing and Long-Reining        Jennie Loriston-Clark
95 pp.  Thorough advice on both longeing and long-reining, except that the author 
prefers to progress from basic longeing to long-reining, with no mention of advanced 
longeing exercises such as spirals and cavaletti work.  Work on long-reins is 
explained through tempi changes, piaffe and passage.
The Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method     Linda Tellington-Jones and
180 pp. Ursula Bruns
The Feldenkrais system applied to horses.  A striking departure from traditional 
training methods, it has proven effective and has earned wide-spread acceptance.  
Particularly useful for horses harboring tension.
Lungeing Manual            USDF
40 pp.  Surprisingly little information.  Nothing at all about longeing exercises for the
horse.  Exercises for the rider do not mention the desired effect of the exercise.
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Understanding horses and our relationships with them
Dancing with your Dark Horse  Chris Irwin
221 pp.  A self-indulgent story of one man's problems, and how he relates them to working
 with horses.
The Tao of Equus             Linda Kohanov
363 pp.  Another story of spiritual awakening via horses, but this one intertwines her own
 stories with genuine analysis, relevant mythology, history, and even neurological
 research.  Unlike the above, this author has a message that may change you significantly.
Creating a Bond with Your Horse       Kelly Marks
23 pp.  For such a short book, this contains a lot of valuable information for anyone who's
 horse doesn't behave quite how they'd like it to on the ground.  I don't care for the Join Up 
concept, but I like the clear, easy to relate to explanations of equine and human body
Understanding Horse Behavior          Sue McDonnell, PhD
99 pp.  A very academic work, but still accessible, with some surprising insights.
My Horses, My Teachers   Alois Podhajsky
202 pp.  A memoir by one of the greatest trainers in history of the horses he's known and 
loved and learned from.
Horses Never Lie        Mark Rashid
169 pp.  This book describes how the author came to learn the concept of "passive
 leadership" (from horses) and the sometimes surprising ways he's put it to use.  Juxtapose 
this against the concept of the human as "alpha".
The Horse’s Mind         Lucy Rees
224 pp.  A VERY thorough, yet easy to read look at how and why horses behave as they do,
 with people, with other horses, at liberty, on first meeting, when confined, etc., etc.
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Teaching Exercises: A Manual for Instructors and Riders  Major Anders Lindgren
141 pp.  An excellent resource for riders on there own as well as teachers.  Very 
concise, as the Major preferred his lesson plans, yet clear.  These exercises are 
designed to put you in a position to be successful!  
The Riding Teacher         Alois Podhajsky
204 pp.  This man taught countless riders during his decades at the Spanish Riding 
School of Vienna.  Keep in mind, though, that his experience was primarily with men,
and in a few cases women's bodies require a different approach.
The Instructors Handbook  Pony Club 
144 pp.  Lots of checklists, little advice as to how it should be put into practice.
Thinking Riding       Molly Sivewright
Thinking Riding, Book 2        Molly Sivewright
319-339 pp.  These books are geared toward candidates for the British Horse Society 
Examinations, i.e., young instructors.  They are very thorough and clear about all 
aspects of riding, however, and would be a worthwhile read for any rider.
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For Young Riders
The Young EquestrianCaroline Davis
128 pp.  An excellent book for the older youth, whether just starting out or experienced.
Improve Your Riding Skills          Carolyn Henderson
48 pp.  Starts with choosing an instructor, and procees with great advice to reinforce your 
lessons.  A small bbok, but full of good information.
A First Guide to Horse and Pony CareJane Kidd
205 pp.  Not a riding book, but everything you probably need to know about horses and 
how to care for them.  Anatomy, nutrition, farriery, development, and more.
Horse Bits     SpoilYourHorse
126 pp.  Short narratives separate quizzes and activities.
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For Fun
Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul     Jack Caulfield et al
414 pp.  A collection of warming short stories.
King of the WindMarguerite Henry
173 pp.  The background of the Godolphin Arabian, one of the three founding sires of the 
modern thoroughbred.
Misty of Chincoteague      Marguerite Henry
173 pp.  Based on the annual round up of the wild ponies of Assateague Island, Virginia.
If You had a Horse        Margaret Hodges
131 pp.  A collection of short stories from myth and legend.
The Horses of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police     William and Nora Kelly
287 pp.  The history and traditions.
Ahlerich: the Making of a Dressage World Champion  Reiner Klimke
157 pp.  A detailed account of "Ali's" training and development.
American HorsesRalph Moody
184 pp.  Tells the true story of the origins of several American breeds including Morgans, 
standardbreds, saddlebreds, and Tenessee walking horses.
The Pony Club Quiz Book            Pony Club
112 pp.  One thousand questions and answers from horse care to trivia.
The Man who Listens to Horses        Monty Roberts
309 pp.  Though he's been accused of taking some liberties with truth, it is an interesting
 and enjoyable read.  Over a year on the NY Times bestseller list.
April’s Trust Amy Rowen
154 pp.  Caring for their deceased sister's horse brings two brothers together.  Local author.
Black BeautyAnna Sewell
212 pp.  A classic!  My first copy literally fell apart after so many readings.
And Miles to Go     Linell Smith
237 pp.  The fascinating true story of a Polish Arabian stallion.  He was among those
 rescued by General Patton during World War II.
Heather Takes the Reins                Sheri Cooper Sinykin
A Magic Attic Club book.  Heather thinks riding is all bout jumping, until she meets
Moseman’s Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishings and Goods…
303 pp.  A facsimile copy of a catalog from about 1890.  Need a history project? 
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Every Time...  Every Ride   VHS
A superb video explaining the importance of wearing a helmet.
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