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Amanda Dempsey has been training horses since 1985, and teaching riding lessons since 1988.  She has experience with a variety of disciplines including Western, saddleseat, and side-saddle, in addition to her specialities of huntseat and dressage.
She has successfully trained a variety of breeds, from the traditional American breeds like Quarter  horses and Morgans to European Warmbloods, and from cold-blooded draft horses to hot-blooded Arabians and Thoroughbreds.
Her teaching experience has ranged from children to adults, from backyard farms to national champion show stables and college equestrian programs at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York, and Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio.  
Articles written by Amanda have appeared in several publications, including Riding Instructor magazine, the official publication of the American Riding Instructors Association.

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Now located near Columbus in Licking County, central Ohio.  

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When any rider makes a mistake, you don't scream at them.  You tell us what we are doing wrong and help us fix our mistake...
Just the sight of you in the ring with me gave me the confidence to get over the rest of the jumps.  You have a style of instructing that is special.
- Ann Marie L.
I have seen many instructors giving kids lessons that just don't get into it.  You really explain things so well...
I have to say AGAIN that it is wonderful that you can read the horse as well as you do...
- Kate